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”I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.” (Attributed to Mark Twain)
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this question was posed @ NPR

You're a health care maven — lobbyist, legislator, whatever— and you run into House Speaker-in-Waiting John Boehner, an ardent foe of the new health care law in a Capitol Hill elevator.

Quick, what do you do? Egg him on in trying to repeal the law, urge him to reverse course, or suggest he focus on something else?

I would look him in the eye and tell him I'm probably in better shape then you, I'm not as orange and I'm younger. I don't smoke, I'm not overweight and my doctors tell me that I'm healthier now than I was ever in the past

why the FUCK should I be uninsurable?

Some of us didn't ask to be born like this.

Look me in the eye and tell me I don't deserve the same quality healthcare that you get, Orange Man.

then I would kick him in the nuts (ok I wouldn't but it's a nice fantasy)
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and don't do anything to CHANGE it

they sit at home and get all their own personal drama and then get upset and defensive when people ask 'how did things get so bad?'

"In democracy you get the government you deserve. Alternately you deserve the government you got." ~Josef Heller
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just came back from my stress/echo. I don't want to see another treadmill for three-five years plz thx.

I wonder how many people have a coronary during this test?

The weekend was a busy one, on Saturday we went out to Great Island in Lyme and paddled out past Griswold and Poverty Point.. lots of osprey, didn't see any babies.

Later took a detour to Fort Trumbull, not so much to see the fort but to see that other battleground, Kelo vs New London. The whole neighborhood is still an empty lot, the only structure standing is the infamous 'Italian Dramatic Club'.

if anyone has not read Little Pink House, do so. And then take a trip to New London and see what Pfizer has left in its wake.

Sunday I went to Ginette's memorial service, it coincided with her birthday. She passed from ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease). She had escaped the Nazis in France as a child, came to America on a whim and became a successful businesswoman and wife. She drove me crazy sometimes, sometimes I wanted to strangle her but I will miss her dearly. I'm just sorry she had such a difficult journey to her passage. Thankfully, she passed not in a hospital or even a hospice, but at a place she called home for the past two years. I'll never forget her.
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"Every asshole who ever chanted 'Drill Baby Drill' should have to report to the Gulf Coast today for cleanup duty."- Bill Maher

I normally think Maher's a blowhard but today.. he speaks truth

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breakup letter from hell (via burbia.com)
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I'm off to Virginia on Wed, to see the relatives

it looks like the insurance companies have found a way to get out of this whole 'insuring sick children born with preexisting conditions' thing already (anyone surprised? of course not! why the hell should everyone have insurance, especially the people who need it)

what we need is an insurance company Götterdämmerung (thank you A.Word.A.Day)

The weather's gone from 70 to 40 to 60 to 45 and back again. Typical New England spring.

Went to Minnewaska on Saturday, lovely as always. I'd like to try the walkway over the Hudson at some point, perhaps on a warmer, low energy day, my friend told me about this over coffee yesterday

Dobbie is going to the vet (the 'spa') to be boarded while I'm gone, Walter has trouble working when he's underfoot. I feel bad, but I think Dobbie loves it, I suspect the vet techs dote over him, he appears so needy and clingy. It's a facade, of course, it's all about control BWAHAHAHahahahaha

gotta finish that laundry.
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I watched CSPAN like most people watch the Super Bowl yesterday. It was oddly riveting

"Republicans love their country, they just hate half of the people living in it."

-Jon Stewart

lets see what happens in the senate *fingers crossed*
it's not a perfect bill but its certainly a start.
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I dont believe that for one damn second
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in front of the post office on the way to the library.

it was cathartic
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I just bought an IMF mug at Goodwill for 50c.

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At an NRA convention inKentucky, Mike Huckabee made a joke after hearing a noise
off-stage. "That was Barack Obama," he said. "Somebody aimed a gun at him and he dove for the floor."

source here

I'm just not sure what to say about this.

Another thing that has left me speechless (from Media Matters) :
it's okay to refer to a woman, ANY WOMAN, as a (white) b*tch on a cable news station? And this comment (towards Clinton) by a MCCAIN ADVISOR?

and for Memorial Day :

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count
for Afghanistan casualties, scroll down

Iraq (civilian) Body Count


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