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I'm off to Virginia on Wed, to see the relatives

it looks like the insurance companies have found a way to get out of this whole 'insuring sick children born with preexisting conditions' thing already (anyone surprised? of course not! why the hell should everyone have insurance, especially the people who need it)

what we need is an insurance company Götterdämmerung (thank you A.Word.A.Day)

The weather's gone from 70 to 40 to 60 to 45 and back again. Typical New England spring.

Went to Minnewaska on Saturday, lovely as always. I'd like to try the walkway over the Hudson at some point, perhaps on a warmer, low energy day, my friend told me about this over coffee yesterday

Dobbie is going to the vet (the 'spa') to be boarded while I'm gone, Walter has trouble working when he's underfoot. I feel bad, but I think Dobbie loves it, I suspect the vet techs dote over him, he appears so needy and clingy. It's a facade, of course, it's all about control BWAHAHAHahahahaha

gotta finish that laundry.
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to do 'family time'

I'm gonna miss my honey, husband is staying home :(

Steve, the guy who owns the 'outyard' (where the bees are located) got a new job, he has to go to Guadalajara next week..

I didn't ask if he's working as a drug mule

I hope not, his wife would be frightfully upset.


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